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Tracing Cyclospora stomach bug may take some time

August 9, 2013 4:56 am0 commentsViews: 25

Appropriate measures have been taken with Cyclospora outbreak in Nebraska and Iowa, but for the other 14 states FDA continues tracing Cyclospora stomach bug, process that may take some time.


Cyclospora outbreak Nebraska IowaAfter tracing Cyclospora stomach bug, the Food and Drug Administration stated last week they know the source of tainted salad mix that affected more than two hundred people in Nebraska and Iowa since June. The outbreak was caused by contaminated pre-packages salad supplied by Taylor Farms de Mexico and served at Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants.

22 people have been hospitalized due to infection with Cyclospora parasite with intestinal infections.

Now they are studying the connections among this outbreak and other 200 cases in other 14 states. The FDA’s investigation into these states may take some time according to food safety expert, Caroline Smith DeWaal.

“This could be one outbreak where the trace back isn’t complete yet, or it could be multiple outbreaks and FDA is still tracking down all of the food sources,” DeWaal reported.

Taylor Farms de Mexico says it is cooperating fully with the FDA in their ongoing investigation. The product shipped in June is no longer in the supply chain and bagged salad is safe to eat, the company said.

In words of the Taylor Farms de Mexico representatives in last weekend company statement, “taylor Farms de Mexico assesses and tests all water sources, raw product fields; every lot, every day for any risk to our valued customers’ products. We are redoubling and enhancing our testing and scrutiny in these areas to further assure food safety.”

According to DeWaal, although the firm has strict standards this is the first time Cyclospora appeared in this particular Mexico area.

In conclusion, Cyclospora outbreak in Nebraska and Iowa can safely be considered stopped, but for the other 14 states FDA continues tracing Cyclospora stomach bug, process that may take some time.


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