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Create GS1-128 Bar Codes for Traceability

June 3, 2013 7:01 am0 commentsViews: 13

Create GS1-128 Bar Codes for Traceability


GS1 - USType


Speaker – GS1 US


Creating coupons can be a complicated process, especially for a first time manufacturer. This webinar explains the basic steps involved in developing a coupon and includes a list of resources for further reference. You will learn:

  • How the manufacturer is identified on a coupon
  • How the GS1 Company Prefix is used on a coupon
  • What a “family code” is
  • What a “value code” is
  • Which codes are mandatory on coupons
  • How coupons may change in the future



Total running time

23 minutes

More info:

Course website

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